Featured Destination: Germany and Austria

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

Featured Destination: Germany and Austria

This edition features Franklin Central’s Concert Choir traveling to Germany and Austria. The group not only had the opportunity to give multiple once-in-a-lifetime performances, but the group was also able to experience these popular stops and events: Neuschwanstein, Dachau, Salt Mine, Trick Fountains at Hellbrunn, Salzburg City Center, Kursalon, and Henrici Restaurant at Esterhazy.

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

Behind the poster advertising its Eisenstadt, Austria concert, the Franklin Central Concert Choir rehearses in Haydn Hall.

Arriving in Munich, Franklin Central started off with a stop at Schloss Nymphenburg before exploring the city center. Their guides timed it out so that Franklin Central was at the Marienplatz in time to see the Glockenspiel at noon. After that, the group had free time for lunch and exploring before meeting to go to the hotel. After a quick Hotel check-in and a couple of hours to unpack and rest, Franklin Central enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Hofbrauhaus.

The next day, they visited Neuschwanstein. The tour of the castle was fascinating, and the view of the castle from the bridge was astounding. Franklin Central enjoyed a nice lunch at a cafe. Then it was off to the concert rehearsal. MTC was prepared with quite a bit of publicity in each city. There were programs, posters, and a nice banner displayed at each performance location. After a pleasant meal at Hacker Pschorr, it was showtime. The concert was fantastic, with an enthusiastic local crowd in addition to all of the Franklin Central parents.

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

World-famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany.

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

Spectacular Neuschwanstein Castle, near Fussen, Germany

The next day, Franklin Central arrived at Dachau. Wow, what a sobering, fascinating, enlightening experience. The guides were excellent, and the kids were very attentive.

The salt mine was an absolute trip highlight for everyone. Such a unique experience! Afterwards, a walk to dinner at Zum Hirschenwirt was a big hit with some local specialties.

The following day was focused on Salzburg. Salzburg was wonderful, with lots of “Sound of Music” references! The trick fountains at Hellbrunn Palace were another unexpected trip highlight for Franklin Central. It was chilly out, so no one wanted to get wet, but that just added to the fun of the tour. The group was able to perform two songs in the cathedral, which was an inspiring experience.

Everyone enjoyed some free time for lunch and exploring in the absolutely lovely city center. Many members of the Franklin Central group walked or took the funicular to the fortress overlooking the city. It was a stunning day, warming up throughout the afternoon. After dinner, it was time to perform another extraordinary concert, but to a more intimate audience than in Neuschwanstein.

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

Ready to sing at Maria Heimsuchung Church in Munich.

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

Beautiful Salzburg, Austria

The next day started with Melk Abbey. The tour there was interesting, and the group was able to perform two songs in the abbey before we walked down into the town. It was a very quaint town to walk around a bit before boarding the Danube cruise, where food and drinks were offered.

The cruise was yet another highlight. A cool but absolutely lovely day, and the guide gave many insights into the area. Franklin Central met the bus in Durnstein at the end of the cruise, another quaint village. The group finished the day off with a dinner at Lubella, Franklin Central’s first official experience with weinerschnitzel!

The following day: Vienna! So much to see in Vienna. After an informative tour Franklin Central had some free time for shopping and discovery. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon before meeting to go directly to the dinner concert. Kursalon was outstanding. A very good dinner, and the concert was excellent. The performance included a combination of orchestra with a few vocal and dance numbers.

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

Before we got wet at the trick fountains at Hellbrunn Palace, Salzburg!

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

A Capella:  Franklin Central at Salzburg Cathedral.

The next day was a trip to Schonbrunn. This lovely location was really enjoyed by Franklin Central. After lunch the group explored the Prater Amusement Park and squeezed in a Ferris wheel ride. Then it was off to the final concert. The concert was wonderful, with a big local crowd and a beautiful venue. After an outstanding performance, Franklin Central enjoyed a wonderful dinner. A perfect end to a fantastic trip.

“It’s rare anymore, but every once in a while, I contact a business that exceeds my expectations, like Music Travel Consultants. Our trip was just amazing. Music Travel outdid itself in every aspect. The attention to detail, and the wisdom to read the group, be flexible and think out of the box was refreshing. The students, chaperones, parents, and myself were blown away with the sights and unforgettable experiences every day. We have memories from this trip that we will cherish for decades. As a Music Director, I appreciate that Music Travel Consultants knows exactly what I need during every moment of the trip, provides it, and makes the trip a success.”

Bradley Gardner Director of Choral Music at Franklin Central High School

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

Franklin Central Concert Choir Sings in Haydn Hall at Esterhazy Palace, Eisenstadt, Austria.

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