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Knowing and understanding a traveler’s special needs are critical steps in making that person’s trip a success. Whether the need is to prevent something that triggers a mild allergy, or a severe physical disability, Music Travel Consultant wants to effectively provide the traveler quality care and travel arrangements. Please complete and submit the form, below, and please confirm that you have read and understand the Music Travel Statement. All fields must be filled out. One of our Executive Operations Coordinators will contact you to obtain more details and/or tell you MTC’s plan for your trip. Thank you for your urgent attention to this request.

Special needs statement to travelers & their care-givers:

Despite its efforts to communicate traveler needs to food vendors, restaurants, hotels, motor coach companies, boats or ships, airlines, transportation companies, attractions and similar, I understand that Music Travel Consultants LLC cannot guarantee that those companies and their employees will not make a mistake, allowing my child to encounter allergens or cross contamination of food, or disability hazards. The companies themselves do not offer those guarantees, but they try their best to prevent allergic reactions, food contamination and hazards that could aggravate one’s disability. Further, Music Travel Consultants LLC and its vendors are unable to provide any employees to accompany any traveler and to monitor allergen exposure, food intake or contamination, or hazards to disabilities. If the traveler is not capable or comfortable being a strong advocate for his/her needs, Music Travel recommends that a parent or hired aide or school nurse (if willing) accompany the traveler at all times during the trip. Also, the traveler or parent should actively discuss specific dietary needs with the manager of every food establishment prior to consuming its food.


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