Celebrating 30 Years of Lasting Memories with Music Travel Consultants

Celebrating 30 Years of Lasting Memories with Music Travel Consultants

Celebrating 30 Years of Lasting Memories with Music Travel Consultants

Share your Music Travel Consultants Trip Memory

Join us as Music Travel Consultants Celebrates 30 Years! What’s your favorite Music Travel Consultants trip memory? MTC invites you to share it with photo, school and trip year on Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to include a photo, school and year of the trip along with the hashtag: #mtc30years

What We Do

Music Travel Consultants is a Tour Operator, a travel company that puts together customized trips for its clients. Since 1987, led by accomplished scholastic music directors and musicians, Music Travel Consultants has become first choice for student music group tours by listening to customers, providing industry-leading on-line services and by having professional Tour Directors conduct most trips. Focused on creating custom trips that provide relevant, memorable and rewarding student travel experiences, Indianapolis-based Music Travel partners with customers to successfully do just that, in destinations within the United States and world-wide. Over 165 years combined travel expertise earned in over 68 countries means Music Travel Consultants will anticipate your needs and fulfill your group’s wishes, without surprises or hidden costs.

Music Travel Consultants started from small beginnings and has carved out a unique niche by focusing on Music Directors and Music Performance Travel. There are many student travel planners out there, but Music Travel Consultants is the only firm devoted to focusing on only these 2 things.

MTC personally escorts each group and handles on-site logistics. When a student music group has needs that go beyond what other tours might offer, Music Travel Consultants shines. Taking care of the myriad of little details, like making arrangements for instrument storage, coordinating with chaperones, reserving practice space, planning parking for coaches and trailers, and always having a Plan B (and C) to implement when weather, accidents or folly arise, are the hallmarks of Music Travel Consultants’ service. And they have been for over 30 years.

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