Developed by Music Directors, for Music Directors.

The Music Travel App – A travel app for the finest pageantry arts programs on the world.

The Music Travel app is available through Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store:

Preview in iTunes. Available on the App Store.

Preview in Google Play. Available on the Google Play Store.

Text messaging feature may incur messaging charges, depending upon User’s Mobile Phone Service Plan.
Optional ability to Store ID photo, Debit/Credit Card Pay Info, etc.

Congratulations! You have downloaded the Music Travel App and are ready to log in. Here’s how:

  1. Locate your assigned PIN number, and write it down. (Go to and log into your account. Your PIN number for use with the Music Travel App is directly under your Traveler Name.)
  2. Open the Music Travel App.
  3. Under User Type, select: I am a Traveler.
  4. In the Traveler Pin Number Box, enter your PIN number.
  5. In the Password Box, enter your PIN number.

You will remain logged in to your trip until you Log Out, or Three Days after the Trip, whichever comes first. If you log out and want to get back into the Music Travel App, repeat the above Five Steps.

What can this app do for me and my group?

At no additional charge, Music Directors, Staff, Chaperones and Students may use the information-packed, versatile Music Travel App before and during their trip. The main features are:

Tutorials & Support

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