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Southwark Cathedral reflects various architectural styles, including Gothic and Romanesque, due to various renovations and additions over the centuries. One of its most remarkable features is the magnificent Gothic nave, characterized by tall, slender columns and impressive stained-glass windows. The Lady Chapel's ornate decorations and beautiful fan-vaulted ceiling are other highlights of the cathedral's architectural splendor. The architecture provides a breathtaking background for visiting ensembles, which are welcome to perform during weekly services.

Southwark Cathedral has also played a significant role in London's cultural and literary history. Connections to William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and Geoffrey Chaucer, among others, cement its place in the city's literary heritage. Today, the cathedral continues to be a vibrant place of worship, hosting regular services and events, as well as offering visitors a serene and spiritual atmosphere to explore its rich history, stunning architecture and tranquil gardens.

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