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Find out why Music Travel Consultants is the 1st choice in Bath Abbey band tours. View our 2 minute intro video to see what we can do for your group.


Bath Abbey’s soaring arches and meticulously designed interior create truly exceptional acoustics, which lend a remarkable resonance to musical performances. International ensembles that travel to perform within the abbey's sacred walls are granted the opportunity to deepen their understanding of history, culture, and the lasting impact of art within a space that has borne witness to centuries of human endeavors.

Bath Abbey's historical significance extends beyond its architectural beauty. With ties to England's religious history and culture, the abbey has hosted momentous occasions, including coronations and ceremonies for early English royalty. Its rich past weaves into the present, providing a backdrop that resonates with generations of worship and artistic expression. Bath Abbey's imposing architecture and historical significance have captured the attention of literary figures like Jane Austen, who used the abbey as a backdrop in her novels.

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