Advice for Band Directors Recruiting Parents

Getting parents involved in the music program

Getting parents involved in the music program it a vital piece of the puzzle to be successful. The skills that a student obtains through music education plays heavily into their entire life. These skills include being responsible, knowing how to communicate, teamwork, self-confidence, and a work ethic that most students do not experience in other academic subjects. Parents appreciate the value of a student’s education in music and the skills acquired. And parents involved in the music program and […]

Florence, Italy performance with Music Travel Consultants

Top European Performance Destinations

Here are our top European performance destinations:
With a world full of fascinating music performance destinations, just choosing the perfect spot for your students can present quite a challenge. When you travel, the destination will be dictated largely by your group members. However, keep in mind that prices, particularly of flights, are considerably less expensive when choosing non-peak times.
London is known as a great destination for a performance group tour, because of its fine choral tradition and numerous old cathedrals […]

Marty strutting his stuff on the trumpet Conducting

Meet MTC Tour Director Martin “Marty” Becker

Meet MTC’s Marty Becker, a man for all seasons and one of our most accomplished Tour Directors!
Wide-ranging travel experience, creative thinking, and a drive to go beyond the call of duty make Marty one of MTC’s very best Tour Directors.  Successful and talented in many areas, he is ready to cope with any contingency and a person whose behaviour is always appropriate to every occasion. When problems arise on a trip, he has a knack for thinking outside the box…and the room. Marty’s extensive knowledge of destinations […]

The Franklin Community Blue Regiment Marching Band performing in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney World.

Featured Destination: A Disney Marching Band Trip to Walt Disney World

The Franklin Music Department, hailing from Franklin, Indiana, loves to travel and perform.  After its second trip to New York City with Music Travel Consultants,  which featured the Choir at Carnegie Hall, a clinic with Dr. Rollo Dilworth, and an earlier performance by the Blue Regiment Marching Band on the deck of the U.S.S. Intrepid, the staff called on Music Travel to design a trip south that would feature awesome shows, great meals, spectacular sights and shopping, just like […]

Marching Band Safety with Music Travel Consultants

Marching Band Travel Safety Tips

It is important that Music Travel Consultants’ clients and travelers know that their safety and security is our uppermost concern as we fulfill our mission to provide them positively life-changing travel experiences around the world. Music Travel Consultants works hard to ensure the safest and smoothest trip possible for each of its traveling groups. Nonetheless, problems and emergencies can occur.  If they do, your trip’s MTC Tour Director, who accompanies your group 24/7, can make all the difference. Please […]


New Travel Design Experience at Music Travel Consultants!

In celebration of its 30-year anniversary, Music Travel (MTC) has created a brand-new, state-of-the-art travel design experience. Just as a Director assembles a “Design Team” to help create, score and coordinate a marching show for competition, MTC has assembled an industry leading “Travel Design Team” to provide you a powerful, comprehensive and customized travel experience like never before.
Our new Design Studio is home to the MTC Travel Designers, who are musicians and teachers, intimately familiar with the intricacies of […]

Music Travel Consultants Tour Director John Hilmer.

Meet MTC Tour Director John “The Big Smoothie” Hilmer

John Hilmer is not only a committed Music Travel Consultants Tour Director and student music educator, but he has brought much more to Music Travel Consultants. John’s former students, Todd Overbeck, Andrew Moran, and of course, his son, Ben Hilmer are all part of the Music Travel Consultants family. John’s relationship with Music Travel Consultants started when John was a Music Director himself. Mark Harting took his band and orchestra to Italy.

“We’ve had John guide us on two major […]

Music Travel Consultants

Being a Part of Music Travel Consultants

On April 1st of 2014, four Music Travel Consultants employees were faced with a big decision. Mark Harting, Jef Furr, Ryan Morris and Rick Campbell stepped up to the plate and became owners and leaders of Music Travel Consultants. Changes had to be made quickly, in almost every way imaginable. But the most important thing that did not change was that ALL staff, tour directors, and clients remained “on board.”   All are still here, three years later. Why? Because everyone […]

Marching Band Bus Travel with Music Travel Consultants

Motor Coach Travel Advice for Performing Groups

If you are a Music Director looking to offer your students inexpensive travel to that once-in-a-lifetime performance opportunity, motor coach travel is much cheaper than flying.  Getting there might take a bit longer, but your group can save money and enjoy new scenery. Coach trips are longer than those by air, of course, so it’s important to make oneself as comfortable as possible.  The better you are prepared, the better time you’ll have.  Don’t forget to bring your sense […]

Marching Band Airport Security with Music Travel Consultants

Tips for getting your marching band through airport security

During your marching band trip, you will make an impression on lots of people – parents, judges, school administrators, teachers, competitors, and more. You always want your first impression to be great!  A very important time to make that great impression is when you go through an airport security checkpoint. Here are some tips for getting your marching band through airport security smoothly and efficiently.  Start by leaving your school’s skunk mascot at home!

Be polite and attentive…and cut the […]