The Franklin Community Blue Regiment Marching Band performing in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney World.

Featured Destination: A Disney Marching Band Trip to Walt Disney World

In the past, Franklin Community Blue Regiment has enjoyed a trip to New York City with Music Travel Consultants. The Franklin Community High School Choir performed at Carnegie Hall, LeFrak Concert Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and enjoyed a clinic with Dr. Rollo Dilworth all in one trip. Another time, the band performed at the Intrepid Museum. Both trips were sprinkled with awesome Broadway shows, great meals, spectacular sights and more! This past Spring, the Franklin Community Blue Regiment Marching […]

Music Travel Consultants

Being a Part of Music Travel Consultants

On April 1st of 2014, four Music Travel Consultants employees were faced with a big decision. Mark Harting, Jef Furr, Ryan Morris and Rick Campbell stepped up to the plate and became owners and leaders of Music Travel Consultants. Changes had to be made quickly, in almost every way imaginable. But the most important thing that did not change was that ALL staff, tour directors, and clients remained “on board.”   All are still here, three years later. Why? Because everyone […]

Marching Band Bus Travel with Music Travel Consultants

Motor Coach Travel Advice for Performing Groups

If you are a Music Director looking to offer your students inexpensive travel to that once-in-a-lifetime performance opportunity, motor coach travel is much cheaper than flying.  Getting there might take a bit longer, but your group can save money and enjoy new scenery. Coach trips are longer than those by air, of course, so it’s important to make oneself as comfortable as possible.  The better you are prepared, the better time you’ll have.  Don’t forget to bring your sense […]

Marching Band Airport Security with Music Travel Consultants

Tips for getting your marching band through airport security

During your marching band trip, you will make an impression on lots of people – parents, judges, school administrators, teachers, competitors, and more. You always want your first impression to be great!  A very important time to make that great impression is when you go through an airport security checkpoint. Here are some tips for getting your marching band through airport security smoothly and efficiently.  Start by leaving your school’s skunk mascot at home!

Be polite and attentive…and cut the […]

The Bands of America Experience with Music Travel Consultants and Ronald Reagan High School Band

Bands of America Grand National Championships Experience

Being a part of the Bands of America Grand National Championships Experience is an adrenaline rush – intense and exhilarating! This educational experience can seem overwhelming, especially for first-time competitors. Multiple factors like the method of travel, hotel, supplies, meals, timing, safety, communication, and more must be dealt with and planned for to make a band’s Grand Nationals performance successful. To aid and assist everyone’s planning, Music Travel Consultants and the Ronald Reagan Marching Band from San Antonio, Texas […]

The Music Travel Team at the Rose Bowl. L to R Andrew Moran, Nancy Reichmann, Michael Gray, Chuck Kubly, Chris Forsythe and Vice Wielosinski

Meet MTC Tour Director Chuck Kubly

Meet Music Travel Consultants Tour Director Chuck Kubly, one of our professional Tour Directors, who uses his commitments to excellence and experience to make sure a music director’s trip is successful.
Rest assured, if the unpredictable happens, your MTC Tour Director is at your side, ready to take on the unpredictable and get your trip back on the road. With over 40 years of experience teaching music and understanding what directors need on trips, Chuck Kubly is ready to tour […]


The Importance of Being a Student & Youth Travel Association Member

SYTA (Student & Youth Travel Association) was founded in 1997 to protect travelers younger than 26 years of age. It is the non-profit, professional trade association that promotes student and youth travel, and it seeks to foster integrity and professionalism among all travel service providers that handle student and youth travel.  As a charter Student & Youth Travel Association member, Music Travel Consultants fully endorses and complies with SYTA’s strict code of ethics. In addition, Music Travel meets SYTA’s […]

The Franklin Community Blue Regiment Marching Band performing in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney World.

Ideas for High School Marching Band Trips

With the world full of fascinating music performance destinations, ideas for high school marching band trips are everywhere but sometimes overwhelming. Choosing the right destination for your students can present quite a challenge. That’s why Music Travel Consultants orchestrated a list of ideas for high school marching band trips that are our most successful and most frequently visited destinations. We hope these recommendations can help you in selecting your ultimate music performance trip:
New York City

Performance Venues
The “Big Apple” moniker […]

Choosing Music Travel Consultants as Your Student Music Group Travel Provider

Choosing the right student music group travel company

When a student experiences new locations, new cultures and new people, with music being a main focus, the revelations and the eye-opening impact that develop are priceless.  Students remember these sort of educational trips for the rest of their lives.  As an educator, this is the rewarding part of what we do. The classroom is a great place to learn, but travel elevates education and develops individual growth. Choosing the right student music group travel company is key to […]

Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

European Choir Trips

As a Choir Director, bringing your group on a European choir trip or tour is a life-changing experience for you and your choir. To enlighten your choir with such musical and spiritual growth is the kind of opportunity some only dream of. There are so many wonderful and elaborate churches and cathedrals that are ready to be filled with your group’s voices. And there is not much that can prepare, motivate, and inspire your group to reach that next […]