Travel Safety

It is important for Music Travel Consultants’ clients and travelers to know that their safety and security is our uppermost concern as we fulfill our mission to provide our travelers positively life-changing travel experiences around the globe.

Your Travel Security is Important

The recent attacks are a terrible reminder of the vulnerability of our societies at home and abroad. We grieve for and support those families directly affected. Knowing that no one can guarantee that an unforeseen event will not occur, Music Travel Consultants will energetically continue our efforts to keep all traveling with us safe and secure.

Music Travel Consultants created and implemented emergency procedures to be initiated by each group’s Music Travel Consultants Tour Director and enacted by its travelers: group leader, chaperones, parents and students. The Music Travel Consultants executive team continuously monitors Department of Homeland Security and State Department communications, plus those of other traveler safety agencies and organizations. This past summer, Music Travel Consultants enhanced our traveler safety program by partnering with a nationally acclaimed crisis management company. We have researched and trained our employees, and we have equipped our Tour Directors with a much-improved safety readiness and awareness program to initiate, if an issue should arise.

It is important for Music Travel Consultants’ clients and travelers to know that their safety and security is our uppermost concern as we fulfill our mission to provide our travelers positively life-changing travel experiences around the globe.

The in’s and out’s of group air travel

Often group travel planners automatically default to taking a road trip in a caravan of buses, figuring that solution is their only option. However, flying has become more budget-friendly than ever. With smart advance planning, the in's and out's of group air travel offer valuable, important benefits. So, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of group air travel, to bring clarity to the process and to find the very best way to travel on your...
Performance Day Pitfalls

Marching Band Health: Performance Day Pitfalls

It’s the day you and your students have worked towards all summer – Performance Day!  Not only is important to "ace" the music and drill, but the health of your marching band members is also extremely important. It can make or break your performance. Overheated, anxious, exhausted, hungry, and sick band members cannot perform at their peak, if at all. You can have the perfect top-notch drill and music, but without healthy students, you won’t ever begin to truly...
Tips with Flying Incident-Free with Your Performance Group.

Tips for Flying Incident-Free with Your Performance Group

You’ve been looking forward to your ensemble’s upcoming trip for months, but as the day approaches your anxiety levels are rising, as you think about successfully and safely moving 150+ kids through the airport. From packing, to checking-in the group, to navigating security, even to boarding and deplaning, we’ve got you covered with savvy tips to get you from point A, to point B, smoothly. Plus remember, when traveling with MTC you will always have one (or more) Tour...
Flying with a musical instrument.

Flying with Your Expensive Musical Instrument

Flying with Your Expensive Musical Instrument Commercial air travel presents special challenges for the musician who flies. Many instruments are larger than typical carry-on bags, and some are irregularly shaped. Certain instruments are fragile or valuable — or both. Here's some advice to help you have the best experience when flying with your expensive musical instrument. Selecting Flights Whenever possible, choose a nonstop flight, rather than a direct flight. If a non-stop is not available, pick a direct flight (has a stop...
Flying or Failing

Group Flight Check-In Tips with Music Travel Consultants

As charter motor coach prices rise, the travel industry is seeing an uptick in the number of student performance groups that fly. Flying means new challenges.  Airport check-in can sometimes make the first day of a trip absolutely miserable.  With its ever-changing rules and regulations, the flight check-in process can be intimidating.  It seems each airline does something different.  There's all this new security, and TSA is always changing and upgrading. Or, maybe it's your first time flying? Regardless,...
Chaperoning a Performance Trip

Chaperoning School Performance Trips

It is great that you're interested in chaperoning school performance trips. Thank you! Your role is to help get the kids safely and happily through the challenges of their action-packed itineraries. You are an extension of trip leadership and a liaison to it for the students. Directors will have high expectations of you, and your number one reason for being on a trip is to support the leaders and kids.  As a chaperone, you must always focus on what's best...
Eating healthy on the road

Eating Healthy on the Road

If you learn to make healthy choices when they are not simple or obvious, then making sound decisions will be much easier when healthy choices are abundant and convenient. As the old adage says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” So rather than outlining a handful of “eat this, no, that” choices, here are some tips on how to “fish” for that...
Introducing the Music Travel App

Music Travel Consultants Introduces the Music Travel App

Music Travel Consultants, travel planners for the finest bands, choirs, and orchestras in the world, is pleased to introduce the “Music Travel” app, free to all of a group’s travelers. Music directors, staff, chaperones, and students may use this secure, information-packed, versatile app before and during their Music Travel trip. After registering online, the app allows parents to manage travelers in one account, view payment installment dates, make payments and review itineraries. It updates real-time trip schedules, so everyone knows...
Performance Travel with Special Needs

Performance Travel with Special Needs or Dietary Restrictions

If you, or a loved one, have a special need or dietary restriction and will be traveling with a marching band, choir, or orchestra, Music Travel Consultants has you covered. When a group is focused on its performance, it is easy to overlook issues with accessibility, facilities, and other factors to consider to ensure all members of the group are able to participate and enjoy the trip to the fullest extent. Performance travel with special needs members requires extra...
Choosing the right destination for your performance group

Choosing the right destination for your performance group

Whether you are planning your first trip as a music director, or you are a veteran of many performance trips, choosing the perfect destination for your performance group can be a bigger challenge than you expect. Picking the right destination can help develop ever-lasting bonds and a positive group culture.  Such trips can be life-changing for your group. Everyone involved wants to experience a trip they will look back on with fond memories. Hopefully, these quick tips will help...