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Read Company News on Music Travel Consultants. Music Travel Consultants is a Tour Operator, a travel company that puts together customized trips for its clients. Since 1987, led by accomplished scholastic music directors and musicians, Music Travel Consultants has become first choice for student music group tours by listening to customers, providing industry-leading on-line services and by having professional Tour Directors conduct most trips. Focused on creating custom trips that provide relevant, memorable and rewarding student travel experiences, Indianapolis-based Music Travel partners with customers to successfully do just that, in destinations within the United States and world-wide. Over 165 years combined travel expertise earned in over 68 countries means Music Travel Consultants will anticipate your needs and fulfill your group’s wishes, without surprises or hidden costs.

Music Travel Consultants presents Company News about featured destinations, travelers safety, music education, and some staff highlights.

Music Travel Consultants Welcomes Greg Moore as Senior Travel Designer.

Music Travel Consultants Welcomes Greg Moore as Senior Travel Designer

The Prodigal Son Returns…to Music Travel Consultants (MTC)! After fifteen years working for several student travel companies throughout the country, the prodigal son, Greg Moore, has returned to the company that was instrumental in forming his career in student performance group travel.  A 33-year veteran of the student and youth travel industry, he has worked alongside some of the best and brightest travel minds in North America. His return to Music Travel Consultants brings his career full circle! The Moore Family, avid [...]
Music Travel Consultants is the Official Travel Partner of WGI.

Music Travel Consultants & WGI Sport of the Arts Ink Partnership

When WGI Sport of the Arts and Music Travel Consultants – where “Travel is an Art” – get together, great things are bound to happen! WGI Director of Operations & Sponsor Relations, Bart Woodley, and Music Travel Consultants cemented a partnership in late June. Music Travel Consultants is super-excited to help further WGI’s mission “to provide a venue for young people to achieve the extraordinary through performance and competition.” Music Travel Consultants' client, Red Wave Indoor from Fresno, California, giving [...]
Introducing the Music Travel App

Music Travel Consultants Introduces the Music Travel App

Music Travel Consultants, travel planners for the finest bands, choirs, and orchestras in the world, is pleased to introduce the “Music Travel” app, free to all of a group’s travelers. Music directors, staff, chaperones, and students may use this secure, information-packed, versatile app before and during their Music Travel trip. After registering online, the app allows parents to manage travelers in one account, view payment installment dates, make payments and review itineraries. It updates real-time trip schedules, so everyone knows [...]
Performance Travel with Special Needs

Performance Travel with Special Needs or Dietary Restrictions

If you, or a loved one, have a special need or dietary restriction and will be traveling with a marching band, choir, or orchestra, Music Travel Consultants has you covered. When a group is focused on its performance, it is easy to overlook issues with accessibility, facilities, and other factors to consider to ensure all members of the group are able to participate and enjoy the trip to the fullest extent. Performance travel with special needs members requires extra [...]
Why Music Education Matters

Why Music Education Matters

As a Music Director, has anyone asked you, "Why Does Music Education Matter?" Music education is becoming more of a challenge because states are cutting arts funding from schools. When discussing lack of funding for the arts, a reason often cited is that budgets are being slashed in favor of improvements in academic performance. Those who believe that music isn’t as important as other core academic subjects are uneducated about how music can benefit students, both emotionally and in [...]
Music Travel Consultants Travel Designers

New Travel Design Experience at Music Travel Consultants!

In celebration of its 30-year anniversary, Music Travel (MTC) has created a brand-new, state-of-the-art travel design experience. Just as a Director assembles a “Design Team” to help create, score and coordinate a marching show for competition, MTC has assembled an industry leading “Travel Design Team” to provide you a powerful, comprehensive and customized travel experience like never before. Our new Design Studio is home to the MTC Travel Designers, who are musicians and teachers, intimately familiar with the intricacies of [...]
Music Travel Consultants Tour Director John Hilmer.

Meet MTC Tour Director John “The Big Smoothie” Hilmer

John Hilmer is not only a committed Music Travel Consultants Tour Director and student music educator, but he has brought much more to Music Travel Consultants. John's former students Andrew Moran and of course, his son, Ben Hilmer are all part of the Music Travel Consultants family. John's relationship with Music Travel Consultants started when John was a Music Director himself. Mark Harting took his band and orchestra to Italy. "We've had John guide us on two major trips (BOA [...]
Music Travel Consultants

Being a Part of Music Travel Consultants

On April 1st of 2014, four Music Travel Consultants employees were faced with a big decision. Mark Harting, Jef Furr, Ryan Morris and Rick Campbell stepped up to the plate and became owners and leaders of Music Travel Consultants. Changes had to be made quickly, in almost every way imaginable. But the most important thing that did not change was that ALL staff, tour directors, and clients remained “on board.”   All are still here, three years later. Why? Because everyone [...]
The Bands of America Experience with Music Travel Consultants and Ronald Reagan High School Band

Bands of America Grand National Championships Experience

A Bands of America travel experience is like no other. Being a part of the Bands of America travel experience is an adrenaline rush – intense and exhilarating! This educational experience can seem overwhelming, especially for first-time competitors. Multiple factors like the method of travel, hotel, supplies, meals, timing, safety, communication, and more must be dealt with and planned for to make a band’s Grand Nationals performance successful. To aid and assist everyone’s planning, Music Travel Consultants and the [...]
The Music Travel Team at the Rose Bowl. L to R Andrew Moran, Nancy Reichmann, Michael Gray, Chuck Kubly, Chris Forsythe and Vice Wielosinski

Meet MTC Tour Director Chuck Kubly

Meet Music Travel Consultants Tour Director Chuck Kubly, one of our professional Tour Directors, who uses his commitments to excellence and experience to make sure a music director’s trip is successful. Rest assured, if the unpredictable happens, your MTC Tour Director is at your side, ready to take on the unpredictable and get your trip back on the road. With over 40 years of experience teaching music and understanding what directors need on trips, Chuck Kubly is ready to tour [...]