Campbell Retires Leaving Rich Legacy

Campbell Retires Leaving Rich Legacy

Rick Campbell is a quick-witted man with a quip in every pocket and a kind word in every breath. As an owner, leader and friend, he has been a guiding force in the processes, professionalism and growth at Music Travel Consultants. This summer, he retired after 44 years in the group travel industry of which 32 were spent with the early companies that eventually became Music Travel Consultants.

“I had heard of Rick Campbell when I was a band director,” said Mark Harting, President and CEO. Campbell was known as the tour operator that averted a crisis with the Concord HS (IN) band by taking 200 individual food orders, going to McDonalds, placing the orders and delivering the meals back to the group, all without error. “That always stuck with me,” Harting said. “Little did I know that I would one day work for him, with him and eventually be a co-owner of Music Travel Consultants with him,” he continued.

Campbell served in many roles that have impacted MTC over the years. He was the General Manager during a critical time, guiding the company through a difficult transition from private ownership to a partnership with Cook Group in Bloomington, Ind. He later became the Director of Operations where he was instrumental in forming many of the business practices still used today. “As the company grew, he became the perfect candidate to be the very first Director of Human Resources at MTC where he passionately served the staff until his recent retirement,” said Harting.

The office staff celebrated Campbell with a retirement luncheon in his honor at a local restaurant. Stories of years of service included instances of his kind demeanor, copies in triplicate with plenty of paperclips and his dedication to doing the right thing every time, without fail.

Campbell was a calming force in the office, with his early morning arrivals to make certain coffee was ready as the staff came in, to frequent stops at employee desks to inquire about a question that was at times formed only to touch base and gauge the pulse of the team. Harting said, “He is witty, funny, a veteran, kind, caring, generous, protective, loyal, fatherly, a great listener and most of all one of the most honorable and kind men I have ever met.” Ryan Morris, Music Travel Consultants Vice President and CFO said, “Rick exemplifies so much of what is at the heart of MTC. He has been an example to me and everyone at MTC on the proper way to conduct oneself in this industry.”

“I’ve appreciated knowing Rick as a friend and colleague far more than I ever could have imagined when I first came to MTC. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to know him and thrilled that he gets to enjoy a much deserved retirement.”

– Ryan Morris, VP and CFO, Music Travel Consultants

It is clear the influence Campbell has had on the operations and culture at MTC. “Rick is the epitome of class in travel,” said Jef Furr, Vice President Emeritus, Music Travel Consultants. “I learned in the early ‘80s when I started tour directing with him many things including how to dress and how to take care of people,” he continued.

Rick and his wife Carol were additionally honored during a reception at the Music Travel offices in early July. Tour directors, employees, vendors, family and friends gathered for an evening of fellowship, even more stories and testimonials of the many years as a consummate professional in the travel industry. Rick’s granddaughter, Morgen Federspiel spoke eloquently of his love and dedication to their family and his consistent teachings of honor, generosity and genuine care for others. It became even more evident that his approach to the client and employees was no different than that shown to his kin.

“I hope that the significant influence that he has had with MTC has baked those principles into our DNA and we are constantly cognizant of the need to live up to those standards,” said Morris. Furr said, “Rick is very patient with everyone and was always available to help.” All of us at MTC owe a great deal of gratitude to Rick Campbell for being a part of our family and a guiding force for us all along our journey.

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