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Music Travel Consultants is honored to be Music for All’s Official Travel Partner. Music for All is one of the largest and most influential national music education organizations, actively involved in support of active music-making, Music for All uniquely combines national level programming and awareness campaigns, research and advocacy. Bands of America, Orchestra America and BOA Summer Symposium are three of Music for All’s best-known programs. Music Travel Consultants is also honored to be a part of the Indiana State Fair Band Band competition and Music Travel Consultants is also honored to be a charter member of SYTA (Student & Youth Travel Association), founded in 1997 to protect travelers younger than 26 years of age, Music Travel endorses and complies with SYTA’s strict code of ethics. In addition, Music Travel meets SYTA’s requirement that members have tour protection coverage of $200,000 more than that offered by NTA’s Consumer Protection Plan.

16 Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

16 Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

Choosing to play an instrument is the beginning of a journey. One that is exciting, but often filled with struggle and hard work. It will require you to take in new information and master new skills. Listed below are some of the many benefits of playing an instrument. When you feel yourself getting discouraged, remember to keep these benefits in mind. I hope these encourage you to keep practicing. I promise, playing a musical instrument is worthwhile. In No [...]
Flying with a musical instrument.

Flying with Your Expensive Musical Instrument

Flying with Your Expensive Musical Instrument Commercial air travel presents special challenges for the musician who flies. Many instruments are larger than typical carry-on bags, and some are irregularly shaped. Certain instruments are fragile or valuable — or both. Here's some advice to help you have the best experience when flying with your expensive musical instrument. Selecting Flights Whenever possible, choose a nonstop flight, rather than a direct flight. If a non-stop is not available, pick a direct flight (has a stop [...]

Achieving Good Vibrations with Josh Ellis

Josh Ellis has been an educator for 15 years. He has taught all grades, K-12, in various Music, Humanities and Language Arts environments. A requested judge and clinician throughout the Midwest, Mr. Ellis is currently band director at Avon Intermediate School East, a feeder to the storied Avon High School band program in Avon, IN. Josh Ellis's students regularly receive "Gold, with Distinction" ratings at Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) contests, and he was 2013 Teacher of the [...]
Chaperoning a Performance Trip

Chaperoning School Performance Trips

It is great that you're interested in chaperoning school performance trips. Thank you! Your role is to help get the kids safely and happily through the challenges of their action-packed itineraries. You are an extension of trip leadership and a liaison to it for the students. Directors will have high expectations of you, and your number one reason for being on a trip is to support the leaders and kids.  As a chaperone, you must always focus on what's best [...]
Choir trips with Music Travel Consultants

School Choir Trip Ideas

Is your choir ready to take its performance to the next level? But you can't decide on a venue or destination? Worry not! Music Travel Consultants' list of popular school choir trip ideas is here to help. The range of choir destinations is vast, from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome to Carnegie Hall in New York. These two and others have proven themselves over years, hosting many successful student choir tours. Each choir trip MTC puts together is custom-designed [...]
The Dedicated Band Parents

The Dedicated Band Parent

At your next student performance, look around for the dedicated band parents. You'll find the dedicated band parents, hustling and helping out before and after the show. They're down in the trenches: working five to six nights a week on props, prepping the semi for a long-haul event, pushing hard at a fund-raiser to make sure all the performers can afford to go on that trip of a lifetime. You'll easily find them--the Dedicated Band/Orchestra/Debate/Choir/Theatre/Winter Guard/Athletic Team/Percussion Parents--noticeable, efficient [...]
Why Music Education Matters

Why Music Education Matters

As a Music Director, has anyone asked you, "Why Does Music Education Matter?" Music education is becoming more of a challenge because states are cutting arts funding from schools. When discussing lack of funding for the arts, a reason often cited is that budgets are being slashed in favor of improvements in academic performance. Those who believe that music isn’t as important as other core academic subjects are uneducated about how music can benefit students, both emotionally and in [...]
Choosing the right destination for your performance group

Choosing the right destination for your performance group

Whether you are planning your first trip as a music director, or you are a veteran of many performance trips, choosing the perfect destination for your performance group can be a bigger challenge than you expect. Picking the right destination can help develop ever-lasting bonds and a positive group culture.  Such trips can be life-changing for your group. Everyone involved wants to experience a trip they will look back on with fond memories. Hopefully, these quick tips will help [...]
Advice for Band Directors Recruiting Parents

Getting parents involved in the music program

Getting parents involved in the music program it a vital piece of the puzzle to be successful. The skills that a student obtains through music education plays heavily into their entire life. These skills include being responsible, knowing how to communicate, teamwork, self-confidence, and a work ethic that most students do not experience in other academic subjects. Parents appreciate the value of a student's education in music and the skills acquired. And parents involved in the music program and [...]
The Bands of America Experience with Music Travel Consultants and Ronald Reagan High School Band

Bands of America Grand National Championships Experience

A Bands of America travel experience is like no other. Being a part of the Bands of America travel experience is an adrenaline rush – intense and exhilarating! This educational experience can seem overwhelming, especially for first-time competitors. Multiple factors like the method of travel, hotel, supplies, meals, timing, safety, communication, and more must be dealt with and planned for to make a band’s Grand Nationals performance successful. To aid and assist everyone’s planning, Music Travel Consultants and the [...]