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Add a performance to your next Music Travel Consultants trip.

Student Performance Trips to Universal Orlando

Create lasting memories for your marching band, orchestra, show choir, concert choir, or jazz band with a student performance trip to Universal Orlando!  Perform at CityWalk™ Lagoon Stage*, a Music in the Parks, Music USA Festivals or OrlandoFest competition, or march in front of cheering spectators at Universal Studios' Florida parks. Universal Studios offers many educational hands-on group programs that involve one-of-a-kind opportunities. Choose what is right for your group and enjoy education-focused performances, adjudicated festivals, workshops, and clinics, [...]
Disney's Candlelight Processional

Perform in Disney’s Candlelight Processional

Spreading holiday cheer as honorary cast members in Disney's Candlelight Processional is a wonderful gift for your choir during the holiday season. Your choir will never forget this magical program that takes place at Epcot© annually. The candlelight processional performance retells the Christmas story with the Voices of Liberty, Disney cast members trying out to be part of the Christmas Tree (in the middle of the choir) and high school, college and adult choirs from around the country, all [...]
The Pendleton Heights Choir

Featured Destination: Pendleton Heights Choir Trip to France

In the heart of France, majestic Paris exudes beauty and vitality!  As a center for art, fashion, and culture, its 19th-century cityscape features the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, world-class museums (The Louvre, The Centre Pompidou, Musée d'Orsay  l'Orangerie, Musee Rodin), trendy boutiques and cafes along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and more!  Paris is energized by music, including opera, symphonic, musical theater, jazz, shake and historical Bal-musette. Venues include the Paris Opera, the Orchestre de Paris, and the Paris Conservatory, the [...]
Choosing Music Travel Consultants as Your Student Music Group Travel Provider

Choosing the right student music group travel company

When a student experiences new locations, new cultures and new people, with music being a main focus, the revelations and the eye-opening impact that develop are priceless.  Students remember these sort of educational trips for the rest of their lives.  As an educator, this is the rewarding part of what we do. The classroom is a great place to learn, but travel elevates education and develops individual growth. Choosing the right student music group travel company is key to [...]
Band Trips to Disney

A Music Trip to Disney Parks

There's a reason that music performance and music education opportunities are so abundant at Walt Disney theme parks. Music brings feeling and heart into films and stage plays. Didn't you melt, just a little, when first you heard “When You Wish Upon a Star” in Pinocchio? The Pinocchio theme song, released with Disney's second animated feature film in 1940, has become an iconic theme for the Disney organization.  For decades, Disney has brought evil and good to life by harnessing the power of music to [...]
Majoring in Music
Majoring in Music
Majoring in Music

Students Thinking about Majoring in Music?

Do you have a student who loves music so much that they can’t imagine doing anything else with their life? If you’re a music teacher, you can surely relate. If you’re a parent, however, this may worry you. And if so, you’re not alone. Majoring in music is a commitment of passion. It’s extremely hard work on a non-linear path. And it’s definitely the right choice for anyone who can’t imagine doing anything else. Only then will the extraordinary effort needed [...]
Cheryl Lockett
Cheryl Lockett

Tips from Music Travel Consultants Operations Team

Music Travel Consultants Operations Team's goal is to make successful trips. They constantly work with vendors, suppliers, and contractors to make sure they provide the same quality of management and services as we do to you. One of the key components to a successful trip is making sure you are communicating efficiently with your Music Travel Consultants Operations Team. The Operations Team is in many ways like a conductor: They take all the people, the places, the times, the [...]
The Florence International Music Festival

Featured Destination: The Florence International Music Festival

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the birthplace of Muzio Clementi and the fatherland of Rossini, Verdi, Monteverdi, Vivaldi and many other great musicians and composers. To perform in Florence and Tuscany is an unforgettable experience: music, art, and architecture come together and create a magical atmosphere combining the past and present. A performance with The Florence International Music Festival on a Music Travel Consultants trip. The challenge is waiting for you in Florence, Italy. The Florence International [...]
Flying in the USA – Important Identification Update

Flying in the USA – Important Identification Update

In case you missed it in recent news, Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) now are making sure the traveling public complies with a 2005 law: the REAL ID Act. Simply stated, some state-issued driver’s licenses and photo I.D.’s are no longer sufficient identification for one to use when passing through Security Checks for flying within the USA’s domestic air carriage networks. A direct reaction to the 911 Commission’s report, the REAL ID Act specifies minimum security standards [...]
Music Travel Consultants: Travel Security

Music Travel Consultants: Travel Security

With Music Travel Consultants: Travel Security is important for travelers and they need to know that their safety and security is our uppermost concern. The recent, tragic terrorist attacks are a terrible reminder of the vulnerability of our societies at home and abroad. We grieve for and support those families directly affected. Knowing that no one can guarantee that an unforeseen event will not occur, Music Travel Consultants will energetically continue our efforts to keep all traveling with us safe [...]