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One of the many bands performing in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal.

Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Is your high school marching band looking for a unique Spring Break trip that provides a rewarding performance experience? How about traveling to Savannah, GA and participating in one of the oldest, largest and most-recognized Saint Patrick's Day parades in the world? Savannah's Saint Patrick's Day Parade marching band trips make for a unique, perfect mix of educational performance and fun. How? Crowds of a half-million spectators each year and Savannah is within a one-hour drive of four major [...]
Add a performance to your next Music Travel Consultants trip.

Student Performance Trips to Universal Orlando

Create lasting memories for your marching band, orchestra, show choir, concert choir, or jazz band with a student performance trip to Universal Orlando!  Perform at CityWalk™ Lagoon Stage*, a Music in the Parks, Music USA Festivals or OrlandoFest competition, or march in front of cheering spectators at Universal Studios' Florida parks. Universal Studios offers many educational hands-on group programs that involve one-of-a-kind opportunities. Choose what is right for your group and enjoy education-focused performances, adjudicated festivals, workshops, and clinics, [...]
The Franklin Community Blue Regiment Marching Band performing in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Walt Disney World.

Featured Destination: A Disney Marching Band Trip to Walt Disney World

The Franklin Music Department, hailing from Franklin, Indiana, loves to travel and perform.  After its second trip to New York City with Music Travel Consultants,  which featured the Choir at Carnegie Hall, a clinic with Dr. Rollo Dilworth, and an earlier performance by the Blue Regiment Marching Band on the deck of the U.S.S. Intrepid, the staff called on Music Travel to design a trip south that would feature awesome shows, great meals, spectacular sights and shopping, just like [...]
BOA Honor Band Performing in the Tournament of Roses Parade® with Music Travel Consultants

The Bands of America Honor Band’s Tournament of Roses Parade® Performance

Live the Bands of America Honor Band's Tournament of Roses Parade® Performance with Music Travel Consultants! At the beginning of every year, the world's eyes are focused on Pasadena, California, home of the prestigious and gorgeous Rose Parade and Rose Bowl football game. For over 100 years, this festival of music and sports has been America’s premiere Celebration of the New Year, broadcast live by multiple media outlets all over the planet. One of the biggest highlights of the [...]

Remembering Gary Wishmeyer

It is with a sad heart that we inform you of the passing of one of our own, Gary Wishmeyer. Gary has worked for Music Travel Consultants since his retirement as the Hall of Fame Band Director at Ben Davis High School where he inspired, motivated and directed thousands of students.  Gary witnessed the impact of music group travel while traveling with his own bands and was passionate about creating those same life changing experiences for so many other [...]
Recruiting Students for Music Programs with Music Travel Consultants

Recruiting Students for Music Programs

Recruiting new students is vital to every music program and can have a tremendous impact on its success. And, if you have been a Music Director for a couple of years, you know you have to be prepared to show students and parents the magical wonders of music. Even if your school has a great music program, it is still important to do some marketing and promoting. All of this takes time and a lot of energy, but it's [...]
Franklin Central Concert Choir trip to Germany and Austria

Featured Destination: Germany and Austria

This edition features Franklin Central's Concert Choir traveling to Germany and Austria. The group not only had the opportunity to give multiple once-in-a-lifetime performances, but the group was also able to experience these popular stops and events: Neuschwanstein, Dachau, Salt Mine, Trick Fountains at Hellbrunn, Salzburg City Center, Kursalon, and Henrici Restaurant at Esterhazy. Behind the poster advertising its Eisenstadt, Austria concert, the Franklin Central Concert Choir rehearses in Haydn Hall. Arriving in Munich, Franklin Central started off with a stop [...]
Majoring in Music
Majoring in Music
Majoring in Music

Students Thinking about Majoring in Music?

Do you have a student who loves music so much that they can’t imagine doing anything else with their life? If you’re a music teacher, you can surely relate. If you’re a parent, however, this may worry you. And if so, you’re not alone. Majoring in music is a commitment of passion. It’s extremely hard work on a non-linear path. And it’s definitely the right choice for anyone who can’t imagine doing anything else. Only then will the extraordinary effort needed [...]
Your First Band Trip

Planning your first marching band trip

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are not only a Music Director, you are a Music Director with passion and are ready to show your students new life-changing educational experiences and take your student's performance to the next level with your first marching band trip! Planning a music performance trip for the first time can seem overwhelming and stressful. But planned out over time, it can be something magical and positively impact students and others for the rest of [...]
MTC Tour Director

Training Day for Music Travel Consultant Tour Directors

Music Travel’s Tour Directors use their education, commitment to the task and experience to ensure a successful trip for the group and its leaders. Rest assured, if the unpredictable happens, your MTC Tour Director will don his/her Superhero outfit and find the best solution! Because MTC's people are its greatest asset, MTC is constantly training their staff in best practices, new procedures and teamwork. As the collective “faces” of MTC, special attention is paid each year to update, re-familiarize [...]