Pride of South Band Marches at Disney

Pride of South Band Marches at Disney

After two years of postponement, the Terre Haute South HS (IN) Pride of South Band Disney trip was finally a go. Ride along with MTC Trip Journalist Trinity Miranda on her unforgettable trip to Orlando with the Pride of South Band.

The 15-hour bus ride to Florida was a rough start for our trip, containing children vomiting, students vomiting and a baby wailing. That being said, the adorable baby was also one of the highlights of the bus rides.

Day 1 – So by the time we arrived at The Hub, everyone was ready to get off the bus to eat breakfast and rejuvenate. The next destination? Animal Kingdom. Upon entering the park, the first thing we saw was the giant tree that almost looks real but is also too good to be true. The park was less bustling than I was expecting and was a great park to kick off our trip.

The energy was contagious and you could feel the excitement throughout the band. The Avatar Flight of Passage ride was absolutely amazing and it actually felt like you were flying on a Na’vi. Day one was a success and that night we checked into the hotel where we got to sleep in real beds, except for those that chose to sleep on the floor.

Day 2 – The hotel breakfast was surprisingly very good, enhanced by the Mickey Mouse waffles and moist towelettes. It was a great way to start off Day 2 featuring the Magic Kingdom and a parade performance by your very own THS Marching Band. Even the baby was in a good mood.

This park was packed. With a couple hours to venture on our own before the performance, we wasted no time. We explored the park while simultaneously distracting ourselves from the nerves that come with performing in front of thousands of spectators in an amusement park where everything is crafted to seem perfect. Let me tell you, that is a lot of pressure. When the time finally arrived, we got to traverse to behind the scenes of Disney in order to get to our designated practice area.

Nerves were high for both students and directors. Feeding off of each other’s nervous, jittery energy, our warmups were atrocious. But, as the Pride of South Marching Band always does, we pulled ourselves together and gave a spirited performance. I would just like to interject how difficult it is to march on the streets of the Magic Kingdom! Those train tracks were almost the death of me.

After the performance, we were given a Mickey trophy and some Disney performance pins and sent on our way to another day filled with fantastical distractions from reality. And of course the fireworks show is never a disappointment. Day two down, two more to go.

Day 3Epcot. Oh Epcot. Such a large park filled with so many interesting things to see. But so very much walking. This park celebrates cultures and contains 11 different countries with buildings and food that are represented in each. I highly recommend the croissant and beignet at the Outdoor Kitchen – Fleur de Lys in France. They were quite possibly the highlight of my day in Epcot. The light show at the end of the day was unique and nostalgic and made all of us want to rewatch all of our favorite Disney movies. I can confirm that the show did what it was supposed to do.

“I though the trip was great and the whole process was very organized and throughout” – Todd Norris, Assistant Band Director, Terre Haute South HS

Day 4 – The final day arrived. We were quite exhausted at this point but ready to stick it out for our last day in Hollywood Studios. The new Star Wars section was a big hit amongst our group and pretty much everyone else in the park and a $200 lightsaber was purchased by a not-so-money-savvy student. By the end of the day we were all excited to go to the buses to drive 15 hours home because it meant sleep. After four fully planned-out days of Disney, we were all in need of rest.

Our trip was filled with winding, never-ending lines, intricate and exhilarating rides, perusing overpriced memorabilia and walking and walking and walking. All of this makes up the magical experience that is Walt Disney World.

“We’ve traveled with MTC for over 20 years and they are the best!” – Tim Murphy, Director of Bands, Terre Haute South HS

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