Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Band Tours

Macy's Thanskgiving Day Parade Band Travel

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Band Tours

Marching through The Big Apple in New York City’s world-famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a major accomplishment for any Band Director and his/her band.  Learn why Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Band Tours with Music Travel Consultants are second to none!

At the top of the list of New York’s attractions is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade is the famous department store’s annual gift to children everywhere! Held in Manhattan, on Thanksgiving morning, this is one of America’s premier parade events and one of the world’s largest. Tied for second place on the list of USA Parades, famous for much-loved giant balloons, plenty of celebrities, marching bands, dancers, cheerleaders, American heroes, live performances and more, the Macy’s Parade follows a 2.65-mile route past over three million cheering adults and children. Fifty million television viewers around the world watch it live for over three hours every Thanksgiving day. Starting at Central Park West on New York’s upper west side and powered by hundreds of Macy’s employees dressed as clowns and characters, the parade finishes with a flourish at Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street.  Santa Claus’s arrival there kicks off the Christmas season!

Tying the parade altogether, with great skill, music, and enthusiasm, are twelve carefully selected marching bands. Being a part of this great parade is an honor and a tribute to a band’s and band director’s hard work and reputations. Directors must submit their application to the Macy’s Band Selection Committee no later than March first of the current year, to be considered for a slot in the parade in the following year. Applicants are notified in writing by the Committee within 90 days after March first. The most persuasive part of a band’s application is its high quality, full video footage from a half-time show or competitive field show event. The Committee wants to understand your band’s level and range of musical experience, versatility, and showmanship.

Here’s a quick look at Macy’s parade bands and New York attractions!

“For over 90 years, the Macy’s Parade has hosted the finest marching bands and drum corps from around the world each and every Thanksgiving morning. Macy’s Band Selection Committee is constantly searching for high-achieving band programs with unique creative ideas and a proven track record of excellence both on and off the field to entertain the 3.5 million New Yorkers along the route and over 50 million parade fans on television. Add the arts and culture scene in New York City to the learning experience of performing in one of America’s most beloved events and the Macy’s Parade offers an educational experience for students unlike any other.”

Wesley WhatleyVP/Creative Producer – Music & Talent and Branded Entertainment | Macy’s, Inc.

Performance Venues

If your band is not ready for Macy’s, but is ready for New York City, there are plenty of other performance and educational opportunities. New York City’s moniker, The Big Apple, was coined by southern musicians and meant, ‘to play the big time.’ Vibrant and diverse, New York offers all popular music genres: blues, jazz, rock, hip-hop, classical, disco and punk!

Music Travel Consultants has many performance opportunities in New York City.

Performance Opportunities

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