Group Travel Benefits

Benefits of Group Travel for Your Students and Program

Group Travel Benefits

Seek Adventure: Traveling the world brings out the inner kid in all of us.  Each new adventure brings a rush of excitement. Especially, group travel benefits our inner being and who we are. Exposures to new cultures, history, and sights expand our horizons, stretch our perspectives and bring the world home.  What if all your students could experience travel and its life-changing personal growth and character development? For your program, it could mean increased student confidence and leadership, teamwork, comradeship and greater motivation to pursue excellence. These ingredients make for a stronger, thriving music program! So, let’s unpack the many group travel benefits.

A wider perspective

You don’t have to travel to a faraway land to learn about new worlds. Visiting another part of the U.S.A., or even a large city, can teach many new life lessons and open students’ eyes. Experiencing other cultures helps students gain more empathy and become more compassionate, accepting, and supportive of others. Simply put, it breaks down barriers. And, we all know our world needs more of that. After all, it’s our differences that make us a greater, together.

Increased curiosity and creativity

Travel can inspire the mind and renew the spirit. Visiting areas of the world that are related to your passions can motivate you to set the bar higher and to pursue your goals. Similarly, seeing new ideas and ways of doing things you love can spark inspiration and curiosity to learn more. Stuck on a tired jazz tune, or think it’s impossible to tackle that symphony or hit that high note? Well, set out to see and hear music’s ‘greats.’ Learn how creative geniuses achieved success. Be curious, be inspired, be motivated.

Student leadership & teamwork

Not all leaders can be a concertmaster or a drum major. Leaders are those who, with humble confidence, are willing to be a team player who helps others. Group travel benefits teamwork and builds leaders in your program. When traveling as a group, students bond as they experience new things together. This motivates them to work for the good of the group and to help each other achieve greatness.  When friends grow closer, they look out for each other and help one another – lifting up the whole group.  This mindset creates leaders and strengthens your “team.”

Comradeship and established traditions

Band traditions are powerful and endure.  They are passed down through successor classes and form some of the students’ (and directors’) fondest memories. They are legends, and they unleash a source of pride in being part of something greater than one’s self. It’s the stories and traditions that energize support for your program, and they bring new students into your music circle. Whether traveling internationally to the Sydney Opera House or experiencing a clinic at a nearby university, your students are making music together and finding their way.

So get out there and let Music Travel help you explore, together!

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