Meet MTC Tour Director Paige Carter

Paige with her number one dude (Oliver), Paige in Pisa, and Paige with friend and fellow MTC Tour Director Morgan Burgett at the Happiest Place on Earth in Disneyland, CA.

Meet MTC Tour Director Paige Carter

Meet MTC Tour Director Paige Carter. Paige is one of our most charismatic and accomplished Tour Directors, and from her very first trip, it was clear that Paige had what it takes to give performance groups the care and attention to needs that create wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime trips!

MTC Tour Director Paige Carter was born and raised in Arizona and considers herself a “desert-dweller.” She started dancing at the age three and quickly realized she had found a life-long passion for the arts. From studio dancing to the competition circuit, to a high school marching band and DCI color guard, Paige has always found a home within the arts. After graduating magna cum laude from Arizona State University with a degree in Mass Communication and Public Relations, Paige relocated to Orlando, Florida in pursuit of her dream job. There, Paige worked for almost five years for the Walt Disney Company, performing at Walt Disney World. From dancing daily down Main Street at the Magic Kingdom to teaching master classes to visit high school students for Disney Performing Arts, Paige’s favorite part was being able to make guests smile day after day in a place where magic is absolutely real.

In 2017, Paige chose to go seasonal with Disney and move back to the desert to pursue her Masters’ degree in Secondary Education. In her free time, Paige is an avid bibliophile and loves spending time with her puppy, Oliver (photo above). Paige is also always looking for the newest local restaurant or coffee shop.

“One of Paige’s greatest strengths is her innate ability to make each and every member of a group feel like an individual by cultivating relationships over the course of a trip. No matter the group size, travelers consistently remark that Paige is attentive to their needs and makes them feel like a valued and integral part of the trip. This, combined with her diverse performing experience and hands-on Disney training, make Paige a tour de force on the road.”

Andrew Moran, Music Travel Consultants Travel Designer

Paige Carter at the Winter Trolley Show at the Magic Kingdom.
Paige Carter at the Winter Trolley Show in the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World.

Music Travel Consultants was excited for Paige to share some answers to our questions:

How long have you been a Tour Director for Music Travel Consultants?
Paige: I have been with Music Travel Consultants since the beginning of 2016.

Do you have any background in music/music education?
Paige: I stumbled into band by accident…then continued to march all of my time in high school, and then turned around and taught throughout college. I also had the honor of marching four years of DCI with the Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.

How did you get started tour directing?
Paige: One of my closest friends from DCI, Morgan Burgett, worked with MTC as a tour director and suggested that to me as an opportunity to combine so many of my passions into one amazing opportunity. I figured, what could be better than the chance to take students who are passionate about the arts on trips that are often ‘once in a lifetime’?! I love to travel and this job is always keeping me on my toes and never fails to introduce me to some truly amazing individuals.

Paige with Timber Creek High School Choir in Italy.
Paige (far right) with Timber Creek High School Choir at Basilica di San Marco, in Venice, Italy.

How many trips have you tour directed?
Paige: During my time with MTC, my trip total is seven so far! Hoping to break double digits this coming year!

What is the hardest part of being a successful MTC Tour Director?
Paige: The hardest part would be always being “on” and always prepared with solutions for problems you haven’t even encountered yet! However, I think the hardest parts about being a tour director are also the most fulfilling. I feel so accomplished coming off a trip, having successfully made it easier on my travelers.

Paige Carter at Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade.
Paige Carter at Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade.

What is the largest group you have tour directed?
Paige: I haven’t yet had the pleasure of directing a massive group… the largest I think I have had was close to one hundred travelers to Walt Disney World.

Is there something you wish travelers knew before their trip departs?
Paige: When traveling in a group, sometimes it is necessary to give-in to that “group mentality,” which is something many people are not used to doing. Our itineraries are often jam-packed, and that usually means really long days. I always hope that whoever is traveling with me is prepared for those and knows exactly what is in store in that respect.

What’s your proudest moment, or a time when you made a difference/impact?
Paige: My proudest moments are always at the end of the trip when I see excited students returning home with smiles on their faces and stories to tell. Nothing makes me happier than seeing how these trips change them…even if it’s something as small as them having accomplished their very first trip without their parents.

Paige (in green) flanked by friends at the LuLulemon yoga instructors summer conference in Scottsdale, AZ.
Paige (in green) flanked by friends at the LuLulemon yoga instructors summer conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

What is your favorite place to travel/visit with and without groups?
Paige: Disney World always feels like a second home to me…so sharing that with groups is always something special to me. However, I love seeing new places where I can explore and eat local.

What does it take to be a successful MTC Tour Director?
Paige: A successful tour director is one who is quick-thinking, passionate, and always willing to step up and do what is right for the best interest of the group.

Paige Carter at the Fall Trolley Show at the Magic Kingdom.
Paige Carter at the Fall Trolley Show at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World.

What are the benefits of having an MTC Tour Director at your side?
Paige: We are there to provide a buffer in all things between the group and the stresses of travel. Should something happen, we are there to put out the fire and make sure that the trip goes as smoothly as possible. We are uniquely equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

Any advice, or things you want to share with groups considering performance travel?
Paige: When I was a student, some of my favorite memories come from times when I traveled with my dance studio or with my band in high school. It gave me experiences I would never have had otherwise… I mean, how many people can say they had the opportunity to dance in China before they had gotten to high school?! I learned so much on those trips…about myself, about travel, and about the world outside of my front door. If you can give that opportunity to your students or your children, I would highly encourage it.

Paige Carter and her mom in Sonoma, CA at the Fritz Winery.
Paige Carter and her mom in Sonoma, CA at the Fritz Winery.

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