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Music Travel Consultants Tour Director Anne Anderson

Meet MTC Tour Director Anne Anderson

Meet MTC Tour Director Anne Sanders Anderson, committed to making your trip as rewarding and as memorable as possible! Anne Anderson hails from a large family with a rural farm in Southern Indiana. While attending a small high school, Anne knew early on that she had a passion for teaching music. Following graduation from the Indiana University School of Music, she landed a teaching job, picked up a Masters in Education, and has been teaching music ever since. Now a retired Music...
Paul Labbe with a couple of the Dayton Flyers men's basketball players (left), and Paul with the JDRF Southwest Ohio bike team which raises funds for T1D (right).

Meet MTC Tour Director Paul Labbe

Meet MTC Tour Director Paul Labbe, committed to making each trip he leads an excellent experience! Music Travel’s professional Tour Directors use their commitment and experience to ensure the music director’s and the group’s trip are successful.  MTC Tour Director Paul Labbe has proven that he has what it takes to make a trip successful. With his warm personality, resourcefulness, and attention to detail, humble Paul won't admit he's one of the best MTC Tour Directors...so we'll just brag on him! "I’ve...