Meet MTC Tour Director Anne Anderson

Music Travel Consultants Tour Director Anne Anderson

Meet MTC Tour Director Anne Anderson

Meet MTC Tour Director Anne Sanders Anderson, committed to making your trip as rewarding and as memorable as possible!

Anne Anderson hails from a large family with a rural farm in Southern Indiana. While attending a small high school, Anne knew early on that she had a passion for teaching music. Following graduation from the Indiana University School of Music, she landed a teaching job, picked up a Masters in Education, and has been teaching music ever since.

Now a retired Music Educator and Department Chair, Anne taught for over 30 years at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis. She enjoyed producing musicals and watching young students grow to be great musicians and engaging people. While teaching, Music Travel Consultants was her choice for taking her students to destinations that provided performance opportunities and wonderful shared experiences.

“Anne is an amazing Teacher/Choir Director, who made sure students had a fantastic educational experience in her classes… AND now she is a fantastic Tour Director. She strives to make sure students, teachers, and parents have the best time on her trips, and she’s always focusing on learning and improving so things run smoothly! ”

Jef Furr Executive Vice President, Music Travel

Although she’s been retired for 10 years, Anne has found several activities designed to keep the joy of music in her life. She co-directs a mixed community choir in the Franklin, Indiana area called, “The Voices.”  Anne also directs a small women’s chorus known as “Matinee Musicale.”  A church choir member, Anne is involved with cooking for a youth program. Harkening back to her youthful self, she also has a huge passion for vegetable gardening and canning!

Anne lives by a simple mantra:  when a JOY that you choose to participate in becomes a JOB, it is time to move on to a new experience. She finds great JOY in working with Music Travel Consultants, and MTC is humbled to have an awesome Tour Director and beautiful person like Anne on its team.

Anne shared some answers to Music Travel Consultants’ most popular Tour Director questions:

How long have you been a Tour Director for Music Travel Consultants?
Anne: I started Tour Directing in 2008.

How did you get started tour directing?
Anne: Jef Furr was instrumental in making my choice to become a Music Travel Tour Director. He took my school groups on trips, and we taught in the same township for a time.

Music Travel Consultants Tour Director Anne Anderson
MTC Tour Director Anne Anderson with daughter Bekah, grandsons (aka the Jersey Boys) Derek and A.J. / Son Scott, Daughter Bekah with Anne at a Mexican Feista.

How many trips have you tour directed?
Anne: The actual number of trips, I am not sure, but I would say close to 60 plus.

What is the hardest part of being a successful MTC Tour Director?
Anne: The hardest part for me at first was understanding that I was not in charge of all of the decisions. Being a former music director, you are accustomed to making all the decisions…but as Susan Smith so well put it…”there are roads that you (as a TD) are in charge of and there are roads that you are NOT.”  I have the roles of facilitator and also the “Executioner”…I execute the great plans designed by MTC Operations and try to maintain the outlined timeline.

Music Travel Consultants Tour Directors at the Rose Parade:  L - R: Nancy Reichmann, Vicky Wielosinski, Anne Anderson and Pam Britton.
Music Travel Consultants Tour Directors at the Rose Parade:  L – R: Nancy Reichmann, Vicky Wielosinski, Anne Anderson and Pam Britton.

What is the largest group you have tour directed?
Anne: My largest group was 350+, but I was one of two tour directors.

Is there something you wish travelers knew before a trip departs?
Anne: Travelers should understand that the trip was designed by their Music Director. Music Travel Consultants is there to meet those goals that were established. Be it performance or sightseeing, my job is to meet those expectations and make the trip enjoyable for all.

What’s your proudest moment, or a time when you made a difference/impact?
Anne: I recall one of the trips, the accompanist was unable to travel at the last minute.  I was able to accompany this group for its performance at St. John Divine in NYC.  I was honored to be of assistance.

Music Travel Consultants Tour Director Anne Anderson
Former students at PMHS with Tour Director Anne Anderson. Students are Kristen Tschiniak (MTC Tour Director) and Matt Hougland (just completed his Masters at NYU 2018) in Little Italy.

What is your favorite place to travel/visit with and without groups?
Anne: My favorite place is New York City! I love teaching travelers how to navigate the areas and expose (especially) Mid- Western students to “city life.”  Watching their expressions as they visit some of the iconic places that they have read about …’s priceless! I always say that the experience in NYC is like a smorgasbord ..a little of this and that…so that they are able to pick and choose where to spend time when they return.

What does it take to be a successful MTC Tour Director?
Anne: To be successful, you must first enjoy young people. I get my “kid fix” when I travel..the thing I miss about teaching is being around students and their music! And you MUST be flexible! Trips can often have little issues that you have to adjust…easily done ….it’s the BIG things that you often need advice on and help is just a phone call away. The MTC staff is great about giving expert advice on how to solve problems you may experience.

Anne has a passion for vegetable gardening and canning.
The fruits of Anne’s passion for vegetable gardening and canning!

What are the benefits of having an MTC Tour Director at your side?
Anne: Benefits to the directors are numerous, but the main benefit is that the planning is done and the details will be handled by a professional. Tickets, meals, transportation, housing …and much more are arranged and taken care of by the professional staff at Music Travel.

Any advice, or things you want to share with groups considering performance travel?
Anne: My advice is simply, “Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!” If you are going to plan a trip with your students, Music Travel Consultants is the BEST choice you can make.

Do you think you have what it takes to wear the cape and to be an MTC Tour Director like Anne Anderson?

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