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Disney on Broadway with Music Travel Consultants

Disney on Broadway

Breathtaking! Amazing! Phenomenal! You hear these adjectives time and time again from friends, family, and others who've just seen a Broadway musical production. It is a truly magical experience. And, when traveling to New York City with your band, choir or orchestra, experiencing a Broadway musical is something you just can't miss. Broadway boasts dozens of venues located in Manhattan's Theater District along Broadway from 42nd Street to Lincoln Center. The majority of the shows are musicals, and they...
The Florence International Music Festival

Featured Destination: The Florence International Music Festival

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the birthplace of Muzio Clementi and the fatherland of Rossini, Verdi, Monteverdi, Vivaldi and many other great musicians and composers. To perform in Florence and Tuscany is an unforgettable experience: music, art, and architecture come together and create a magical atmosphere combining the past and present. A performance with The Florence International Music Festival on a Music Travel Consultants trip. The challenge is waiting for you in Florence, Italy. The Florence International...