Packing for a Band Trip

Packing for Band Travel

Packing for a Band Trip

When packing for a band trip, please check out these packing lists and helpful tips. In most cases, remember that you will probably have to carry your own luggage around at the airports and hotels, so bring only what you need. Most times, it is recommended to bring one suitcase and one carry-on bag.

As a parent and/or students, you may have many questions regarding how to pack for performance trips, especially if you or your child haven’t been on one before. This is a quick guide to help the parents and students be prepared for the road.

Packing Checklist

Packing can be stressful, and airline luggage fees continue to climb. Review your itinerary, and use this list to plan your wardrobe.

On Your Person

  • Photo ID (If you have one)
  • Phone/Device Charger
  • Medication
  • Eye glasses, contact lenses
  • Spending money
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Tour Booklet (Music Travel Consultants provides a booklet throughout the tour. Even if you are not traveling with MTC or a tour company, it is important to have a detailed itinerary laid out ahead of time.)

In Your Carry-on Bag

  • Extra prescription in case you lose your medication
  • Dental and personal hygiene products
  • Change of clothes
  • Snacks, chewing gum

In Your Checked Luggage

  • Performance attire (if applicable)
  • Shampoo (in a zip-lock bag)
  • Sleepwear
  • Underwear
  • Socks – Hosiery
  • Uniform if applicable
  • Clothing for each day of the trip
  • Miscellaneous: Nail file, band-aids, safety pins, sewing kit, etc.
  • Umbrella/Poncho
  • Swimwear & cover-up (if applicable)
  • Lightweight coat or jacket

Tag Your Bags

  • Your suitcase & carry-on must be properly tagged.
  • Pack light – you must be able to carry your own luggage.
  • Rule of thumb: If in doubt, leave it out.

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