Tips from Music Travel Consultants Operations Team

Cheryl Lockett
Cheryl Lockett

Tips from Music Travel Consultants Operations Team

Music Travel Consultants Operations Team’s goal is to make successful trips. They constantly work with vendors, suppliers, and contractors to make sure they provide the same quality of management and services as we do to you. One of the key components to a successful trip is making sure you are communicating efficiently with your Music Travel Consultants Operations Team. The Operations Team is in many ways like a conductor: They take all the people, the places, the times, the vendors, and are tasked with elegantly putting together a trip that fits the Director’s vision. On top of that, the Operations Team is focused on making the trip fun, memorable, affordable, and most of all, educational for the group. There is so much effort and time put into making sure everything works in harmony, even when there are constant changes and challenges all along the way. There might be an instance where a show gets cancelled or an establishment is closed, travelers are added to a trip or can’t go, tickets are sold out, or other events that are not even part of your trip get in the way.

“The operations team at Music Travel Consultants is crucial to our success. Fortunately, for our clients, parents and students, hands-down, there is no doubt that they are the best operations team in student travel. Their attention to detail, along with their commitment to our mission, enables Music Travel Consultants to be the industry standard for worry-free, successful travel.”

Mark Harting President and General Manager

The Music Travel Consultants Operations Team works hard to make sure your trip is a success. To make it even more successful, follow Music Travel Consultants Director of Tour Operations Cheryl Lockett’s tips on how to make your Music Travel Experience even better!

General Tips

These are general tips, no matter if you are going across the world or performing a state away:

  • Please remember your username and password. Be sure you register with an email that you check often. If email changes, let MTC know immediately.
  • It’s always best to send specific requests via email so that we have a paper trail. You can can call us as well, but follow-up with an email works best.

Situational Tips

These tips address common circumstances:

  • If traveling by air, please ensure that names and birthdates are exact when registering for a trip. Make sure your information matches your Photo ID exactly.
  • If a group is performing and you are arranging your travel separately, please contact us first to ensure there has been no changes to the original itinerary.
  • If you have a food allergy and/or disability issues, notify us immediately after registering.
  • If you are registered for a trip and have to miss a payment, let Operations know immediately so we know how to proceed with buying tickets. Also, inform Accounting so you are not inadvertently cancelled.
  • If you have rooming preference, notify your School Trip Coordinator ASAP of your choice. Also, ask Operations to make a note in the system to ensure your choice is honored.
  • If traveling outside the USA, please be sure your passport is valid for 6 months after your trip’s return date. If not, allow plenty of time to obtain a new one.

It is much easier to have a successful trip when the Music Travel Consultants Operations Team has the information it needs as soon as possible. When all the little details are taken care of, then you only have to focus on the music performance – the logistics help enable your success. Operations is one of the most demanding functions at Music Travel Consultants because it never stops working for you.

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