Choosing the right destination for your performance group

Choosing the right destination for your performance group

Choosing the right destination for your performance group

Whether you are planning your first trip as a music director, or you are a veteran of many performance trips, choosing the perfect destination for your performance group can be a bigger challenge than you expect. Picking the right destination can help develop ever-lasting bonds and a positive group culture.  Such trips can be life-changing for your group. Everyone involved wants to experience a trip they will look back on with fond memories. Hopefully, these quick tips will help you choose the right destination for your performance group.

It is disappointing when someone falls in love with a destination and it turns up not being a great fit for the performance group. When choosing a destination, focus first on the needs of your group. If the number one need is education, search for a destination offering opportunities for your students to learn from a workshop, clinic, or an instructor who is well-established in the performance community. Choosing the right educational opportunity depends on whether your group consists of up-and-coming performers or veterans. If your trip is more of a celebration for a remarkable year, that expands your options.

Is your group looking for a destination that includes a competition, parade, or special event?  These trips are rewarding as well, but they need a little more forethought. The travel experience will be determined by dates of the particular event. There are plenty of events to choose from. For these trips be successful, it is imperative to plan ahead, due to application processes, first-come-first-served clauses and to ensure the availability of adequate transportation, lodging and dining options for your group.

Maybe your trip needs to be a bonding experience for your group, simply trying new things to grow closer together. This opens the doors to many opportunities.

Keep in mind, you know your performance group better than anyone, and you are the individual everyone will be looking to for advice and guidance. If choosing the right destination seems a bit overwhelming, you don’t have to do it alone. Music Travel Consultants has a team of Travel Designers ready to help.

Here’s more helpful tips for choosing a destination:

  • Make a list, like for any shopping trip. Who, What, Where, When and How Much (can we spend?). Be realistic – if raising funds is a problem, scale down from a trip to Rome to a visit to Orlando. Make sure the ‘Who’ is an accurate number of expected travelers.
  • List Proposal Ground Rules. “Our trip choice will not be based solely on price, but on a combination of factors: recommendations, price, creativity, and value.” (Or not.)
  • Set deadlines for receipt of proposals and for the date of your final decision.
  • Be accessible. Answer questions posed by those giving you a proposal. Present the program to the boosters and to your student advisory group.
  • Plan far ahead. The more time your group has to raise money, the more likely all of your expected attendees will end up traveling. Even though some prices may not be guaranteed until closer to departure, you’ve given your people a way to hedge against unforeseen costs by encouraging them to save early and often (see fundraising ideas).
  • Maintain your sense of humor! After all, a trip with your group should be a fun adventure for all involved!

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