A Music Trip to Disney Parks

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A Music Trip to Disney Parks

There’s a reason that music performance and music education opportunities are so abundant at Walt Disney theme parks. Music brings feeling and heart into films and stage plays. Didn’t you melt, just a little, when first you heard “When You Wish Upon a Star” in Pinocchio?

The Pinocchio theme song, released with Disney’s second animated feature film in 1940, has become an iconic theme for the Disney organization.  For decades, Disney has brought evil and good to life by harnessing the power of music to tell and advance its stories.  When Disneyland opened in the mid 1950’s, live musical acts and performances were key to welcoming children and adults to the “Happiest Place On Earth.”  Each themed “land” had music playing that reinforced its theme:  Drums in Adventure Land, Sousa on Main Street!  So, it’s no surprise that 62 years later, Disney continues to hold music in highest regard and offers student actors, musicians and singers lots of performance opportunities, educational workshops and competitions.  Disney makes it easy for students to display their skills and to grow as artists on A Music Trip to Disney Parks!

Music Travel Consultants is a Disney Recognized Youth Travel Planner.

Here are just a few things your group can do:

  • Want to give your group or students an opportunity to be a part of the most magical parade on earth? Marching in the Disney World Parade exposes your group to a vast number of people from all around the world and creates a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone.
  • Give your Color Guard/Auxiliary the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform a simulated Disney “Special Event” production. Following a high-energy warm-up, your students will learn valuable flag and movement basics. Next, they will be led through a fun-filled and magical routine with exciting choreography on tall flag and swing flag, complete with show props. When your Disney Show Producer gets a call for a last minute “special event,” your students are put through an “audition” and cast into roles for the show. After a simulated Disney rehearsal, the clinic culminates in an exhilarating simulated performance incorporating all of the equipment and prop routines the students have learned.
  • See the importance of discipline in dance, show presentation and movement to dance teams, show choirs, drill teams and color guards. Participants put this insight into action as they learn an actual Disney production number for a backstage performance.
  • Elevate your Choir’s talents with workshops that focus on singing styles, interpretation and vocal dynamics. A Disney vocalist and recording artist also demonstrates how movement can impact song and ways vocal warm-ups enhance performance.
  • Learn elements of live performance with show choirs by focusing on the basics of vocal technique and the fundamentals of staged movement.
  • Witness a hands-on showcase of the essential components of jazz with style. Participating groups examine phrasing improvisation, ensemble sound, jazz styles and the rhythm section.
  • Give your students the unique opportunity to rehearse with and to accompany a professional Walt Disney World musician in a live concert. A critique by the musician of the rehearsal and performance gives your group unique insight into ways to be better performers.
  • Learn valuable fundamentals that raise the level of your group’s performance skills by exposing them to different teaching styles, interpretations and performance techniques while heightening their awareness of importance of solid technical and musical fundamentals.
  • Take your concert band right into a recording studio and give them the amazing opportunity to record their own soundtrack to a portion of a Disney animated feature.
  • Experience the Candlelight Processional and Massed Choir Program – A special option for Choral Groups. Disney Performing Arts OnStage and Walt Disney® Entertainment are looking for outstanding high school, college, university, church, or community choirs to be part of a Disney holiday tradition. For more than 25 years, this holiday extravaganza has spread the spirit of the season and feelings of goodwill to people from around the world.  Rich in holiday splendor, the beautiful and inspirational narration of the Christmas story features glimmering light displays, an enchanted “Winter Wonderland” setting in Epcot®, and the wonderful music of a massed choir performing with the Walt Disney World orchestra. Celebrity narrators add to the excitement of the event while creating a once-in-a-lifetime performance opportunity for participants. Your group performs thirteen original holiday arrangements. In addition to providing a challenging and educational experience for your program, these unique Disney selections provide a rich addition to your choir’s repertoire.

For hands-on learning, performing and incredible personal and and group experiences, A Music Trip to Disney Parks offers unmatched, truly memorable opportunities!

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Music Travel Consultants is a Disney Recognized Youth Travel Planner.
Music Travel Consultants is a Disney Recognized Youth Travel Planner.

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